Roger Dubuid's latest round table knight replica watches

The Knights of the Round Table are a group of fine knights under the command of the legendary British King Arthur. According to legend, the father of King Arthur's Queen Gnavier had a huge round table for his knight's rally fake rolex, and Arthur got this huge round table from his side when he married the queen. The meaning of the round table is "equal" and "collusion." The knights of all round tables are equal to each other and are companions to each other.

In 2018, Roger Dubuis launched the Round Table Knight fake Watch, which also directly explained that the 18K Rose Gold Round Table Knight replica watches uk released in 2013 was very good, so in 2015, a new Round Table Knight watch was launched. More and more precision pays more attention to art. Twelve soldiers surrounded the precious ink jade dial, each knight's only 6.5 mm height, but painted.

The mirror-side sapphire crystal glass double-layer colorless coating is light blue anti-reflective coating, which can still read the time under strong light. The watch follows the Excalibur series of marking elements, severely punishing the case, grooved bezel, consolidated crown protector and three lugs for a secure strap. These are also the assumptions of the replica watch mark.

The crown of the watch is envisioned to accept the classic rib crown concept rolex replica, which is convenient for teaching time, and has two ear shoulders on both sides of the crown to securely protect the lugs and ensure that the watch ears are not damaged. The crown is engraved with the logo of Roger Dubuis.

Summary: Roger Dubuy used himself to form a top brand in less than 20 years! Perhaps we should start by talking about style. Shape avant-garde, love to play cutting-edge craftsmanship, this is the first impression of Roger Dubuis. Extra large case, bright back, large crown, exterior Roman numerals, three-legged lugs at the junction of the strap and the case, and the Celtic cross-shaped tourbillon frame, all of which are unique to Roger Dubuis . Do you want to have your own one?