Watch enthusiasts pursue the perfect details of high-end replica watches

In order to meet the pursuit of the perfect details of high-end replica watches by fake watches lovers, the current high-end replicas use the domestic 7750 calibre on the back of the decorative deck to enhance the similarity of the movement. However, the superimposed decorative deck is easy to fall off small parts, resulting in many malfunctions of the watch and poor stability of the movement, which greatly shortens the service life of the fake watch. The domestic 7750 calibre and the Panerai P.9000 movement have different positions on the balance wheel and the balance wheel, resulting in significant differences in the appearance and authenticity of the high-end replica watch movement.

In order to completely solve the appearance defects of the Panerai replica movement and improve the stability and precision of the movement, after two years of research and development, VS finally launched the VS.9001 movement and the P9000 movement for the Panerai 441. And the top replies of the 359. The balance of the balance wheel and balance of the VS.9001 movement is in full compliance with Panerai original authenticity, completely different from the appearance of the domestic 7750. The design of the integrated movement greatly enhances the stability and accuracy of the movement replica watches and extends the life of the movement. Each movement is tested from production to assembly, and has been layer-by-layer tested to ensure the stability of the movement. The integrated daily error is controlled within 10 seconds.

The dial of the sandwich, with its smooth leather, even if it does not change the crocodile skin, it is consistent with the original. The length and scale shape of the pointer and the authenticity are printed like a copier, which improves the thickness of the KW359 calendar font. There is also a genuine guard bridge head is sharp, VS is very careful improvement this time.

Another special aspect of the Panerai 359 is the REG and T.M letters replica Roelx watches engraved on the bridge. This is a unique symbol of the LUMINOR 1950 series.